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Who am I...

I'm a Soul on Fire. As a first responder wife, I understand what it feels like to lose who you are to the role of supporter,

wife, and the one to be strong for everyone else. One key thing I have learned over the years is that when you take care

of yourself, you are so much more capable of helping your husband and others through their fears, purpose, identity,

and self worth.  Through my writing, speaking, and coaching, I seek to encourage others first responder wives:


  • To overcome fear in their lives

  • Discover how much God loves them

  • To impact and support their family and loved ones

  • The importance of unity within both the family of God and individual families

  • How to communicate that you will stand by your family through any trial, trauma, or struggle that threaten

       to destroy them or you

  • There are many different communities you are involved in: Church, individual families, friend groups,

      first responder community, and so many more. Learn to be an impact where you are.

I have struggled to understand my true identity in Christ. As a young lady, I suffered with suicidal thoughts, emotions of being invisible, and I had nothing important to say. Today, I understand that I am God’s child and even when I hated God, He still loved me. Now that I am His child, why would He stop loving me? I have been happily married for almost 21 years and have 2 teenage children. I have learned that even when my husband was battling PTSB, anxiety, up to 10+ panic attacks daily, cutting, depression, and anger, I was not alone. When I understood who I was in Christ, the fears, anger, and confusion slowly began to melt away, and unity, clarity, and purpose prevailed.


I have learned through the darkest moments in life it is important to be honest with yourself and to rest in the strength that surrounds you.


My husband has been a paid volunteer firefighter for 10+ years. He has struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, self doubt, PTSD, and several health issues. It can be very lonely to try to be strong for everyone. Many times I have felt like an outsider in both the firefighting world and the church community, but it is important to:

  • stand strong.

  • Let others know you struggle but that your struggle is not in vain.

  • I am hear to listen and be a guide for you.

  • I can teach you to stand by your struggling family member, even when they are suffering in silence or pushing you away.

  • I learned that it may be lonely, but important to show that you love and support them no matter what.

  • The trials they're going through are not alone

  • That you will never give up on them.

  • I am determined to reach those who are hurting and be God’s arms of love.


Everyone is important and deserving of love and forgiveness.


What I did about it...


I knew I had to do something, that there had to be more to this life then just surviving, loneliness, and fear, but I didn't know what until I began to realize there is a God out there who knew me better then I knew myself. One who not only wanted a relationship with me but who died for me, and defeated death so this could become a reality. Christ loved me, He chose me, He accepted me, and He forgave me.  I only needed to lean in and embrace His truth and love for me. WE NO LONGER NEED TO BE TRAPPED IN OUR OWN MISTAKES.


So I took the very successful tools I used in my life with 'Elixir Project', plus other resources

and mixed it with all  I was learning from God and my family. This led me to develop a

F.I.G.H.T. Coaching program (shared in my book Treasure Kingdom.) I now use my book

and this program to help first responder families, who are feeling unworthy,

unlovable, invisible, trapped by fear or anxiety, or feel insignificant.



How it's changed my life...

Life is not without challenges, but it is those challenges that defined me. I'm a working firefighter wife and  mom learning and growing with my family. I coach between church-going, work schedules, mothering, homemaking, and prayer. I speak through Facebook, YouTube, zoom, and internationally helping others figure out who they are, how to support and impact others, and to embrace who God created them to be.  I get excited when the light bulb goes on and they begin to understand God's great love, insight, power, and blessings being poured over those I work with!

It's a blessing to embrace your true identity... Come along with me, learn to

F.I.G.H.T the good fight & extinguish the F.L.A.M.E.S. of fear.


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