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Hi, My name is Lorie. I am based in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, and I am a Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and Illustrator who brings business brands to life through motion graphics, advertising campaigns,
and design briefs.

Concept Development

Lorie Gurnett_GD440_Final Portfolio page 3_edited.png
Lorie Gurnett_GD440_Final Portfolio page 16_edited.png
Porfolio page 20.png

Advertising suit Campaigns

Advertisment 1 for ad suite.png
Fashion Ad.png
Fast Food ad.png
Medieval TImes Dinner Theatre ad campaign.png
Mobile phone ad campaign.png
aquarium ad campaign.png
Porfolio page 40_edited.png
Porfolio page 41_edited.png
Stationery mockup for real estate.png
Porfolio page 43_edited.png
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