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Hi, My name is Lorie. I am based in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, and I am a Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and Illustrator who brings business brands to life through motion graphics, advertising campaigns,
and design briefs.



Weeping Justice Surrealism

This is a representation of justice. As victims of violence cry out for justice, the growth in the giraffe shape is the growth in the much needed healing and the dying broccoli is revealing the corruption in the justice system. Those who have been trapped by violence and have fallen through the cracks of justice, cry out for freedom and the many facets of violence a venomously rising to destroy.

Portrait of my daughter

Portrait I drew of my daughter in a pirate outfit.

Lorie Gurnett_CM10B_Assignment_9_Drawing.jpg

Storytelling Sketch

Tree drawing.jpg

One Point Perspective

Lorie Gurnett_CM10B_Assignment_4 (2).jpg

Two Point Perspective

Lorie Gurnett_CM10B_Assignment_5.jpg

Human Skull Drawing

Lorie Gurnett_CM10A_Assignment_1_Skull drawing-1.png

Abdomen Muscle Structure

Life Drawing Portfolio page 13_edited.jpg

Photoshop Illustration

Lorie Gurnett_GD20D_Assignment_3.png

Illustrator Portrait

Lauren and Eden drawing_edited.png
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