Lorie Gurnett Graphic Design Portfolio

Hi, My name is Lorie. I am based in Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada, and I create UX and UI design,
 logo branding, publication design
Graphic Designtypefaces, and illustrations in the field of art, corporate, lifestyle, and landscapes. 


Logo Branding

Gummie Drop Image.jpg
Dragon Logo type_edited.png
Wood Logo type.png
Final Logo design 2022.png
Neualt Artistic Exploration Logo brand design_edited.png

Concept development and ux/ui design

Concept Development Portfolio Cover.png
Assignment 3 page 8.jpg
ASsignment 6 page 6.jpg
ASsignment 6 page 7.jpg

Ad Layout and Design

Assignment 3.jpg
IGNITE, The First Responder's Life Guide (12).png
Toy Company Poster Sample.png
Building the frameword.png
Desani ad.png

Typefaces and Digital Design

Elimination typography sample for assignment 1.jpg
Typography design.png
Artistic Design Dragon_edited_edited.png
3D illustrator assignment_edited.png
Atlanis scene.jpg

Life drawing Portfolio

Life Drawing 1 Portfolio cover.png
Lorie GUrnett_CM10B_Assognment_9_Portrait Drawing .jpg
Lorie Gurnett_CM10B_Assignment_10_Weeping Justice.jpg
Lorie Gurnett_CM10B_Assignment_8_drawing.jpg

Portrait Drawings

Portrait Drawings


Landscape Drawings

Digital Photography Portfolio

Digital Phtography Portfolio Cover.png

Video Editing

Book Trailers

.Personalized Grad Videos


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