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Freedom from grief interview
with Andrea Fehr
Treasure Kingdom interview
with Frank Kendralla

Pinpoints of Light Podcast interview with April Tribe Giauque

Radio TV interview with Every Business day: Radio Toni

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Lorie Gurnett's Radio Interview



There is Hope, Dallas Block
Rock Solid Refuge Ministry
Interview with Editor and Author
Tina Morlock
Interview with Author Stacey Greene
Interview with John Schlitt
lead singer of Petra



Corenne Hewitt

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H. C. Hewitt grew up on a farm in southeastern Saskatchewan. From an early age she always knew she would someday write a historical romance. Her grandmother’s extensive knowledge of Saskatchewan history and her grandfather’s collection of antiques sparked an enduring love of history.

H. C. Hewitt lives in rural east central Alberta with her husband.

Inspired by the Saskatchewan Victorian village, Cannington Manor, read how Jacob Hudson, a hard working and honest young man, who despite many hardships, is trying to live a good life through his faith, with the help of the people who surround and love him.

To find out more:

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Rena Groot

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Rena is a wife, mother, artist, writer, coffee lover and has travelled to many countries as an Ambassador with the Department of Eternal Affairs. She has taught Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Canada and China.

Writing has been such an addictive adventure. “A Life Set Free” is a story about God’s miraculous intervention in Rena’s life. “Mommy & Baby’s Journal” is brimming with beautiful photos and comments from all over the world. “Bubs Bunny Goes to Camp” is a whimsical story about a neurotic bunny. The Narrow Path Trilogy is a series that begins before the dawn of time and takes the reader to the terrifying days of the Tribulation. Only the strong survive.
Blessings, Beloved.

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Andrea Fehr

  • Freaking out to flying free

Andrea Fehr is a author, life coach and keynote speaker as well as founder of Flying Free Ministries.

She journeys with women feeling trapped and overwhelmed through her book, courses, workshops, 

and coaching. She leads them out of bondage and into freedom using the freedom framework she discovered 

through her fifteen years of chronic illness. Her desire is to activate women to daily experience their Savior and enjoy the freedom He provides no matter what chaos they are facing. Andrea lives on an acreage in northern Alberta  with her husband and their four children.


You can find her at:


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